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In 2005 Jimmy Greco founded Airgo Music which at the time was designed to be "The Digital Record Label Of The Future" Jimmy's intention was to create an "artist-centric"  Label geared toward both educating and most importantly helping artist to get "PAID" for developing and releasing their music to the world. Jimmy took his years of experience as a songwriter, producer, manager, designer and even being "the artist" himself and created a business plan that supported his vision. Through consultation and management, Jimmy found himself developing customized artist campaigns that aligned all the aspects from development and A&R to the marketing and distribution for the artist he was working with.


"I started to call on several friends I had in the music business that had the skill and expertise in areas I did not, I would engage them to work on one of my Airgo projects the way they would work for the Major Labels they respectfully worked for with at that time." - Says Jimmy Greco

Since it's inception, Airgo music has evolved into "Airgo Entertainment" which holds many of the core goals and values Jimmy had. Jimmy assembled a world class team of music industry professionals that gives artists whom are seeking an experienced team a place to call home.  Airgo now provides customized services for today’s independent and established recording artists whom are seeking to develop and grow their presence within today’s music-business. Airgo also offer a wide range of Music Publishing and administration to service both song writers / composers, music supervisors, and more...

Check out more about Airgo by visiting their website:

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